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Oraichain Hackathon 2022’s Launching Ceremony — Recap and Highlights

Thứ ba, 02/08/2022

The launch of Oraichain Hackathon 2022 was officially announced on 19th April, 2022, garnering massive attention from both the developer community & mainstream media in Vietnam. We are extremely delighted that Oraichain Hackathon 2022 will be co-hosted by Oraichain and Center For Vietnam Youth Talents, Science and Technology (CYTAST)!

Mr. Dao Thanh Chung, CEO of Oraichain

With the main theme is “Developing dApps using CosmWasm on Oraichain Mainnet 2.0”Oraichain Hackathon 2022 aims to encourage participants to come up with creative solutions and ideas dedicated to Oraichain ecosystem.

Sharing the same vision and goals, both sides respectively emphasized their expectation toward this collaboration. Accordingly, Oraichain Hackathon 2022 is promised to not only become a playground for Vietnamese developers, but also to have influence on the technology movement in terms of creating, applying and developing new achievements, thereby contributing to the construction of qualified human resources in the blockchain space.

The Hackathon Day is set to take place on 11st and 12nd of June 2022 in Hanoi, Vietnam with the estimated prize structure is $10,000+ in cash, along with the opportunity to receive $50,000 investment from Oraichain Labs and $100,000 of liquidity generated on OraiDEX.