Introducing Oraichain for DApps Accelerator Program

Thứ hai, 08/08/2022

Oraichain Hackathon 2022 has been a hectic event, attracting a wide group of developers and startup entrepreneurs whose vision align with Oraichain’s. While expanding its infrastructure and ecosystem as an AI Layer 1, Oraichain introduces a special Accelerator Program for DApps builders. This program is for not only Hackathon Finalists, but anyone who wants to use Oraichain’s resources to accelerate their development. Apply here!

“Oraichain for DApps”

At its core, Oraichain is an AI-focus Layer 1 for DApps development. At its speedy expansion of the ecosystem, Oraichain is now ready to welcome DApps to use its infrastructures, Data & AI modules.

The success of Oraichain Hackathon 2022 has demonstrated the versatility of Oraichain’s infrastructure and ecosystem to on-board a wide range of decentralized applications which utilizes new AI and Blockchain technologies.

The Oraichain for DApps Accelerator Program

This Accelerator Program aims to support developers and entrepreneurs whose vision aligns with ours to fulfill their dreams of founding a company or running a business through DApps. Oraichain will provide our infrastructure and ecosystem, contribute our resources including our talent pool, and commit an advisory board from the early stage of development and deployment.

The support period varies from one month up to three years depending on the scope of a proposed project.

Who can participate

Any dedicated AI/Blockchain development teams who will (1) utilize Oraichain’s ecosystem and/or (2) enrich it with new innovative modules can participate in this program.

The goal of each project should be to promote and strengthen the utility of Oraichain’s ecosystem and to make Oraichain the base of many innovative DApps.


An accepted project in this Accelerator Program will specially gain several benefits:

  • Using our talent pool to accelerate the development of DApps;
  • Using our Advisory Board for technical optimization, business modeling, and strategic advices;
  • Pre-seed financial support;
  • Connecting to relevant partners.

How to apply

For those who have not been familiar with Oraichain’s ecosystem, please check this out:

For those who are already familiar and have a great idea of contributing to Oraichain’s ecosystem, please apply [here] with a proposal that clearly states:

  1. Your project and its values
  2. The use of Oraichain’s ecosystem
  3. Request for Oraichain resources
  4. Roadmap

Apply here:

How we select a candidate

The selection of candidates will go through 3 phases:

Phase 1: Feasibility verification (1 month)

Based on the proposal of each team, we will select innovative ideas to carry on. Technical feasibility and sounding business with high social impact are two keys to convince our selection board.

Phase 2: Discussion with Advisory Board (1–2 months)

A selected candidate from phase 1 can go on face-to-face meetings with our Advisory Board to present and optimize their execution plan.

Phase 3: Execution (1 month — 3 years)

At this phase, the actual hard work will begin. Project execution will go from 1 month to 3 years depending on the complexity of the DApps. Throughout this period, Oraichain will closely monitor the development and perform our commitment.

Early Accepted Projects

Three Hackathon Finalist teams and one team from the US have been accepted to be the first projects of this Accelerator Program.

  1. A lending platform on Cosmos-based blockchain, utilized for Oraichain network;
  2. A secure and privacy-protected platform for healthcare data;
  3. A cross-chain confidential transaction project;
  4. An asset tokenization project

Want to know more about the details? Stay tuned for our release information of each project!

In the meantime, your team is welcome to participate in the program from this August too!